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Below are several upgrades that may be added to your Fusion By Design Collar.
After adding your upgrade to your cart, a form will be displayed asking which collar you wish to have the upgrade applied to.


Inner Lining

This upgrade is not available for Biothane collars.**

All of our collars can be lined in uber soft Nappa Leather.  Choose a complimentary or matching colour.

Add an inner lining to your collar for as little as $15.

After adding the Inner Lining Upgrade to your cart, a form will display asking you which collar you wish to apply the upgrade to and what colour lining you would like.

If ordering more than one collar of the same design, include the neck size as well.

from 15.00
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French Martingale Leash

We love the look of a classic French Martingale and the convenience of easy on / easy off.  If you want a leash/collar combination, the French Martingale is perfect for your needs.

For Leather collars, the leash portion is 1/2” wide x 4' long.

For Biothane collars, the leash portion is 5/8” wide x 4’ long.

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Limited Slip Closure

**This upgrade is not available for biothane collars or collars less than 1” in width.**

The Limited Slip Closure is perfect for dogs why like to slip out of their collars. When closed, the Limited Slip Collar will be the size of the neck measurement you provided for the collar for which you choose this upgrade.

When open, the Limited Slip Collar is approximately 2” larger than the neck measurement.

Limited Slip Closure
from 35.00
Collar Size:
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Double Layer

Make your collar a double layer collar. Double layer collars are ideally suited for heavier coated dogs as well as for those who wish to add some width to their collar.

Turn a 1” wide collar into a 1.25” wide collar or a 1.25” wide collar into a 1.5” wide collar and so on!

NOTE: 1.25” and 2” finished widths are available in leather only.

Pictured: MoTH with Double Layer option for a finished collar width of 1.5”.

from 45.00
Finished Width:
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Coursing Slip with Trigger Snap

inspired by the traditional sighthound coursing slip, this multi-function leash upgrade is perfect for a quick on/off or for the dog that wants a martingale leash but prefers not to have a collar slipped over their heads. The possibilities are endless with this upgrade!

Hardware colour will be matched to the hardware colour specified for the collar to which this upgrade is being applied.

Leash portion is 5/8” wide x 4’ long.

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Buckle Style

Do you want a wide collar but without the bulk of the hardware?  We can taper your collar and build it with smaller width hardware in order to take some of the bulk and added weight away.  This option is perfect for those long dainty necks where a wide collar is ideal but the same size hardware is overwhelming.

Pictured on left: 1.5" wide collar with 1" buckle

Simply choose the “Tapered Buckle” option when building your collar and specify the width of buckle you’d like us to use.

NOTE: All 2” wide collars come with a 1.5” wide buckle as standard. Choose the “Tapered Buckle” option ONLY if you wish us to craft your 2” collar with a 1.25” or smaller buckle.