Lifetime Guarantee


About our Guarantee: Free Lifetime Repairs

All Fusion By Design Collars and Leashes come with Free Lifetime Repairs.  

While we hope you'll never need them, should something break or a decoration be lost, we'll repair your item free of charge (repair service does not include shipping to and from the purchaser). Even if you're not the original owner, this service transfers to you along with the collar.

That being said, there are some limitations to this coverage.  Damage incurred by daily wear and tear, while usually repairable, will incur repair charges.  For example, chewed or ripped collars can most often be repaired for a fee.  Send us a photo of the damaged collar and we'll let you know what can be done to repair or salvage the collar and how much it'll cost you.

NOTE: This warranty does not extend to collars that were crafted by Lizard Leathers prior to our purchase of the company in 2016.