Colour Charts

On this page you will find the colour charts for our Leather, Biothane, Hardware, Stones/Crystals, Lacing and Inner Linings.




We carry several stock leather colours.  Choose the colour that best suits your dog.

Most of our stock leather is latigo leather.  Our latigo leather undergoes a process called "hot stuffing" during the tanning process.  The leather is infused with oils and waxes during tanning which gives it its soft, flexible feel.  There is very little "break in" required with our latigo leathers.

Our English bridle leathers are crafted from only the best hides leather has to offer.  It is used primarily in the high end English horse tack industry and is, bar none, the best quality leather available. Bridle leather initially has a stiffer feel than latigo but it breaks in beautifully and will become as soft as butter with time and use.  Properly cared for, it will also outlast other leathers.  Lighter coloured bridle leathers will darken with use over time.



We are pleased to offer Biothane for many of our single layer collars and leashes. When you complete the customization form for your collar, simply select the colour of Biothane you wish us to use.

Biothane is available for all Single Layer 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, 1” and 1.5” wide products.

Biothane is currently not available in 1.25”.

**The Tapered / Reduced size Buckle option is currently not available for Biothane collars.**



All of our hardware is made in the USA and is cast solid brass or solid brass with nickel plating.  Choose from brass or nickel (silver) colours.

We're sorry, we cannot special order other colours of hardware.


Swarovski Crystals

Sometimes, a dog just needs that extra bit of sparkle.  If that's the case, your dog needs Swarovski crystals, available for most of our collars. 

There are over 200 Swarovski crystal colours. Availability varies by crystal size. It would be impossible for us to provide a colour chart on a single webpage for all of the Swarovski crystals. We stock all available colours. If we don’t have a particular colour currently in stock, we’ll be happy to order it for you at no additional fee.

To view available colours, please visit either of these links:


40ss (Large) Crystals: We stock all available 40ss colours.

34ss (Medium) / 20ss (Small) Crystals: There are currently over 200 colours available in the 34ss and 20ss crystal sizes.

Need help with crystal colour selection? Simply email us. We are here to help!


Acrylic Rhinestones, Round Cabochons & Variegates Stones (click on images below to enlarge)

Acrylic rhinestones are the standard stone used for a handful of our collars (noted in the collar’s description).  Other types of stone available are Round Cabochons and Variegated stones. 

Below are the colour charts for our in-stock acrylic rhinestone, round cabochons and variegated stone options.


Kangaroo Lacing Colours

Our kangaroo lacing is standard on all 2 and 3 strand braided collars.

Choose from our 8 in-stock kangaroo lacing colours.


Inner Lining Colours (click on image to enlarge)

All of our collars can be lined in uber soft Lambskin Leather.  Choose a complimentary or matching colour.

These are also the colours used for our padded inner linings on our Everywhere and Braided collars. Please note that colours may appear different on your screen.