Danielle and Avro doing what they love best: Flyball!

Danielle and Avro doing what they love best: Flyball!

Gone To The Dogs

Ontario native Danielle is passionate about her dogs (in a good way!).  Danielle has spent all of her adult life sharing her life with dogs (currently 8 of them) and horses (only 4 of those!).  As a professional dog trainer, Danielle became increasingly frustrated with the quality of leather goods sold for dogs compared to the high end horse tack she was used to finding as part of her equestrian pursuits.  

Being a self-proclaimed leather snob, Danielle believes that a quality product and more specifically, good quality leather, is a *must* in any application.  After searching high and low for the quality of product she was after and having no luck here in Canada, crafting collars and leashes herself to her own exacting standards just seemed like the next logical step.  And so, Fusion by Design Collars was born.

Since opening its doors in 2016, Fusion By Design has added Swarovski crystals, Biothane, braided collars and so much more to our products. And that’s just the beginning! :)


Fusion By Design Collars are hand crafted using only the best materials available in North America. We WANT your dog to wear their collar each and every day. Mostly, we want to provide you with a collar that can take a beating and will still last a lifetime. Our collars will be the last collar you will ever buy, though we're pretty sure you'll want more than one FDB collar.